The Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony.

I must admit I cried watching the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony today and I wanted so much to tape it but our equpment wasn’t working. The great news is that there will be an official DVD and when that is on sale I will be able to purchase it as a souvenir.

My Fiance across the Pond also shed a tear. Well I expected that as he hasn’t been home for over fifteen years.

I would love to go with him to meet my future In Laws and the rest of the Family which would make not only my Beloved Happy but myself also. I twill take a lot of saving pennies to get there but that is our second plan once we can get married and live together. We have been trying for three years but I guess it will take a little longer.

Words are futile to describe the awesome ceremony. The Drummers made my hair stand on end. That powerful and mighty sound of the drumming Warriors will stay with me like my heart beats forever.