Laser Treatment For Sun Damage

Laser Treatment For Sun Damage

Sun exposure through the years makes our skin susceptible to extreme skin damages. You can suffer from hyperpigmentation leading to irregular and uneven skin tone. Even scarring can happen due to excessive sun contact. After years of hard work, you might feel that your skin is paying a huge toll. Make yourself feel good and treat yourself to a laser treatment for pigmentation.

Skin experts suggest pigmentation laser treatment to remove the reluctant and dull stains that the harsh sun leaves on your skin.

What is sun damage?

The brown spots that you find on your skin, specially on your face and hands is the result of sun damage. Prolonged exposure to the sun during the summer months leaves your skin pigmented. Only one summer of skin exposure can add years to your skin�s appearance. These sun spots also known as age-spots are deep-seated on your skin. The harmful UV rays can penetrate layers of skin and cause long-lasting damage.

Why laser therapy?

The most important reason for considering laser therapy is the fact that it is non-invasive procedure. It also does not use any toxic material on skin that can cause allergy or further damage. It is also proven to be most effective. Laser treatment also has a fast recovery rate.

Type of treatment

After initial assessment of your skin, an expert will advise you on what is required for your skin the most. It can be a simple laser treatment or a Laser BB or Laser intense. Discuss your concern with the expert during evaluation for maximum benefit.

Benefits of laser treatment

Being a non-invasive procedure the best thing about laser treatment is you do not need unnecessary medication. Pain management after the procedure may or may not require any medication at all. You should have a faster recovery due to boost to immunity system of affected skin area. Chances of swelling are less as laser aids in lymphatic drainage. It also helps in blood circulation.


Though laser has minimal risk but some rare occurrences of the following have been noted.
� Swelling
� Redness, bleeding
� Scarring
� Infection

The result is absolutely breath taking. It may take a course f a few days to weeks for you to reach the optimum result. Make sure you follow the suggestions of the skin expert in post-operative care.
Even though with laser treatment you will have flawless lustrous supple skin, you should not forget to keep the sun away.