A Singaporean in London

I have discovered a wonderful blog about A Singaporean in London and it has fascinating and exciting tales of London Town filled with a hint of Eastern Spice and flavour.

You will find all kinds of posts relating to business, tourism, food and finance. Whatever you need to know about what is going on in London you will find through a blog that is tastefully designed and written and which is most pleasing to the eye.

London seen through the Eyes of a Singaporean ex pat blends in well with the current cosmopolitan excitement that is building up in London so this blog is not only a dry blog about London but is also about the experiences of the Author through the interesting medium which we call blogging. You will find most unusual pictures along with a witty and charming commentary sprawled across the Cyber pages. Check out His latest posts to catch the authentic writings of a Singaporean enjoying the sights and sounds of London. Through his inviting blog he beckons you to taste the delights of London.