Great Halal Restaurants in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Aside from all the attractions and destinations to visit all over the place, another thing to look forward to is the restaurants they have. It is undeniable that the cuisine they have is incredibly good. What’s great about their restaurants is the diversity they have when it comes to cuisine. So if you are looking for Halal restaurants, you should have no worries because they have a good number of it.

If you are planning to bring your loved ones to a special place, yet making sure it is Halal, you should read the article by Halal Trip  which will introduce to us seven of Singapore’s most romantic Halal restaurants.

7 of Singapore’s Most Romantic Halal Restaurants

Trying to find romantic Halal restaurants in Singapore might be a bit of a task, since when you imagine a romantic restaurant, it comprises of wine and fine dining in candle light. Fear not though, as all hope is not lost. Romance is about the food as much as the company, so here is our guide to some delectable dining that you can share with your significant other:

1) Fika Swedish Café & Bistro

Fika Swedish Café is a popular eatery that offers Halal Swedish food. Muslim-owned and 100% Halal, it is a cozy restaurant that is perfect for a date, with delicious food on offer. Best known for their meatballs, their menu sports warm comforting food that you just want to share with your loved one! It is a fairly affordable romantic restaurant in Singapore. Read more here.

Great! Now that we have a list of some of the romantic Halal restaurants in Singapore, we won’t be hard up anymore in looking for one. In addition, there are also some Halal restaurants which have a different touch just like the Halal European restaurants. If we want to know more about these restaurants, let us read Vemala VS’s article below.

10 Trendy Halal European Restaurants in Singapore

If you are craving for European cuisine and on the lookout for halal food, you can explore these 10 trendy Halal European restaurants in Singapore.

1) Brio Restaurant

Brio serves trendy and casual Western food. Their cuisine ranges from Italian risotto and pizza to western grills, made using the freshest of ingredients. They serve breakfast, lunch, tea as well as dinner. There is something different to try at any time of the day.

2) Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro

This is perhaps the most famous and popular restaurant that serves authentic Swedish food. The Malay owner is married to a Swedish man and managed to whip up awesome dishes at this restaurant. If you happen to be here, don’t forget to try their Swedish meatballs and desserts. Read more here.

That was interesting. It is a two-in-one restaurant which serves something really delicious. Now, let us try to look at a restaurant named the Halia at Singapore Botanic Gardens which is now a certified Halal restaurant. Another restaurant to look forward to. Another cuisine to experience. Hazel will tell us all about it through her article below.

The Halia At Singapore Botanic Gardens Is Halal-Certified Restaurant Now!

Halia at Singapore Botanic Gardens is officially a Halal-certified restaurant as of June 2017. Although they have converted to halal restaurant, there are not many changes as a whole. The significant changes is that they no longer offering alcoholic drinks. Halia still serves modern European cuisine with Asian influences but made using ingredients that are sourced only from Halal-certified suppliers.

My last visit here was in year 2015.I am excited to be back with the newly rebrand restaurant. Chef Ciaran Armstrong who is the Executive Chef in Halia for over 7 years has introduced additions to the menu. Read more here.

With all the pieces of information that we read above, Singapore’s diversity when it comes to food and restaurants is proven. Furthermore, I could say that Halal restaurants could also make a mark in the food industry with all the delicious and mouth-watering food they offer. You can now go to Halal restaurants at any occasions like dates, meetings, and others. It is ensured that you can find one which can suit whatever atmosphere and type of food you want.