Pump Up The Volume With A Fun Wedding Band 


If you are someone, who cannot decide between a DJ or a live wedding band in Singapore, here is an easy way out – opt for the latter. The upside is that while you do spend a larger amount on the band, the effect of a good quality one does is the energy that they bring. A performer is usually appreciated more than mere music on the turntable. This improves the tone at the wedding right from the kids to the older folk. The infusion obviously occurs in short bursts and after the first dance, but once the band cranks things up a bit, based on the mood of the crowd, people head over to the dance floor.

A wedding band like Soundgrove definitely captures the mood of the people and the genre they prefer. The advantage here is that they take requests and play any kind of music. Music has a way to rev things up a notch but the arrangement has to be spot on especially on your wedding day. Wedding preparations start months before the big day and getting it right is always a must where careful planning and vigilance play a vital role. The objective is to make sure that things go off without a hitch. The general opinion is that party music is not always the right tone during the day. That being said, however, if the guests want a dose of something to liven up the mood, the band is definitely going to add to the revelry!

Soundgrove – the live wedding band in Singapore has a great reputation and will surely keep you and the guests in their element! Knowing that a good band is going to add to the celebrations will have more people attending. The idea is to make sure that the soft tones of romance and fun glide together without being too loud. The arrangement of music by the band is based on the need of the client. The couple or the wedding planner must work together with the band members so that favorite songs from both sides of the family are played. The website of the band http://www.soundgrovemusic.sg throws open a number of ideas like the sole saxophone player who will thrill the audience with the soft strains of internationally renowned music. The choice is yours – choose the right fit for your big day. If you want to pump up the music and get the party started, the band will oblige.

A Singaporean in London

I have discovered a wonderful blog about A Singaporean in London and it has fascinating and exciting tales of London Town filled with a hint of Eastern Spice and flavour.

You will find all kinds of posts relating to business, tourism, food and finance. Whatever you need to know about what is going on in London you will find through a blog that is tastefully designed and written and which is most pleasing to the eye.

London seen through the Eyes of a Singaporean ex pat blends in well with the current cosmopolitan excitement that is building up in London so this blog is not only a dry blog about London but is also about the experiences of the Author through the interesting medium which we call blogging. You will find most unusual pictures along with a witty and charming commentary sprawled across the Cyber pages. Check out His latest posts to catch the authentic writings of a Singaporean enjoying the sights and sounds of London. Through his inviting blog he beckons you to taste the delights of London.

The Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony.

I must admit I cried watching the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony today and I wanted so much to tape it but our equpment wasn’t working. The great news is that there will be an official DVD and when that is on sale I will be able to purchase it as a souvenir.

My Fiance across the Pond also shed a tear. Well I expected that as he hasn’t been home for over fifteen years.

I would love to go with him to meet my future In Laws and the rest of the Family which would make not only my Beloved Happy but myself also. I twill take a lot of saving pennies to get there but that is our second plan once we can get married and live together. We have been trying for three years but I guess it will take a little longer.

Words are futile to describe the awesome ceremony. The Drummers made my hair stand on end. That powerful and mighty sound of the drumming Warriors will stay with me like my heart beats forever.

The Weblog Learner

One great blogger of a Friend has two blogs full of delightful and interesting posts. On Webbiestuffs he talks about his life online and the intriguing findings he discovers over the Net on his day to day traveling around Cyberspace. Offering a colourful review about life online that otherwise could sound quite drab to others, he brings to life the fun and frolics one can enjoy online doing funky things like earning money for instance. We all like a bit of that don’t we now?

Today he published a delicious pasta recipe on the Weblog Learner that had me salivating all day and so tomorrow that is what we are having..Weblog Pasta Special.

I really enjoy reading blogs that belong to talented people and this is definitely one of them. It has become one of my daily reads and also is kind with lots of entrecard special offers and competitions which are always fantastic to enter. You will never get a dull moment from
this Master Blogger so please take a moment out of your day to have a browse through his heart warming blogs and you won’t regret it. There is always a new idea brewing on Webbiestuffs dot com.