How to prepare your body for a body contouring procedure in Singapore

How to prepare your body for a body contouring procedure in Singapore

Have you finally made the decision to upgrade your physical appearance by undergoing a body contouring procedure? If Yes! Then you are not alone. Every year, millions of people who undergo body contouring procedures in Singapore and other parts of the world are often very happy with their new body.

Improving the way you look is going to open you to new opportunities and make you more confident. Mediocrity is something you should never settle for in your life. Your goals should revolve around improving every facet of your life.

A body contouring procedure is going to upgrade the way you look from good to better. That said, preparing for a body contouring procedure is usually very difficult and challenging. But there are some tips that have helped a lot of people and can help you out as well. If you live in Singapore then, visit Body contouring Singapore to learn more about how you can improve your looks.

In this article, we are going to be looking for some tips that can help you prepare for a body contouring procedure.

Stay healthy

You need to make drastic lifestyle changes before your procedure. This means that you have to develop a good diet, work out in the gym or at home and quit bad habits like smoking. Making these lifestyle changes will speed up your recovery process. Even more, it will make feel you better.

Keep in touch with your doctor

It is important that you tell your doctor about any surgical procedure you have had in the past. For example, if you have had a bariatric surgery and you are planning on having a contouring surgery, it is important that you first consult your bariatric surgeon before signing up for the body contouring procedure. Doing this will prevent you from making regrettable mistakes.

Support network

It is likely going to be easier for you to recover quickly if you have your family, friends, and people you love caring for you. Getting emotional support is just as important as taking the trash out or eating your meals after your surgery. It is best you tell your family about your surgical procedure in advance so that they can create time from their busy schedule for you.

Lower your stress level

You should never undergo this kind of procedure or any surgical procedure when you are physically wasted or emotionally stressed out. If you are experiencing an emotional issue in your life, it may be wise for you let thing settle down and go back to normal. You need to be physically and emotionally well before your surgery day.

Stabilize your weight

 Before you can sign up for a contouring procedure, you have to drop into your ideal weight range. Since any significant weight loss will lead to sagging after your body contouring procedure, it is important that you have a balanced weight loss program. Avoid anything diet or exercise program that will help you lose weight significant weight over a short period.

Ask questions

The best way to walk through a mined field is to walk on the footstep of others. Today, there are a lot of blogs and forum where people talk about their experiences. You can learn a lot of from these people. Many of them will be more than willing to share their experience with you and give you some tips that can help you out.


Always think about the reason why you have chosen to undergo a body contouring procedure. Never should you dwell on the immediate discomfort after your surgery. See yourself with your mind’s eyes, becoming a better version of yourself.

If you have any question regarding how to prepare for a body contouring procedure, quickly consult a specialist so that he or she can help you out.


What is the difference between medical spa and day spa

What is the difference between medical spa and day spa?

Many today think that medical spa and day spa are the same. But that is not true. There is a sharp contrast between these two.

A medical spa includes hair removal, laser skin resurfacing and chemical peels. On the other hand, a day spa, include basic beauty treatment. Knowing the differences between medical spa and day spa will help you choose the one that will best address your needs.

You may not need to go to a medical spa center if you have minor skin issues or you just want to pamper yourself. On the other hand, if you have serious skin issues and you want to address them for good, then a medical spa will be a better option.

The following article by mdspa discusses the differences between medical spa and day spa.

The difference between a medical spa and a day spa

At first glance, Medical Spas (AKA Medi Spas) and Day Spas may seem similar, but there is a very crucial difference. A Medi Spa is a combination between a day spa and a medical clinic that operates under the supervision of a Medical Director (Usually a Doctor, Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist). Medical Spas have the equipment and trained professionals that are able to treat skin issues such a pigmentation from sun damage, redness (broken capillaries & Rosacea), fine lines, wrinkles, loss of volume and even acne scarring. Read more here.

You likely now know the differences between medical spa and day spa. There are a couple of things you need to know before adding a medical spa to your practice.

There following article by Patientpop shed light on eight things you need to know about adding a medispa to your practice.

8 things you need to know about adding a medispa to your practice

Many patients need more from physicians than traditional medical advice, and they turn to medical spas for a scientifically-sound way to boost confidence.

Many patients nowadays need more from their physicians than traditional medical advice and treatments. These patients, whether baby boomers or millennials, turn to medical spas for a scientifically-sound, safe way to improve their appearance and boost their confidence. Read on to get answers to eight questions frequently asked by physicians wondering if opening a medispa could be their next big business move. Read more here

You probably now know a couple of things about medispa. Choosing just any medispa is not really a good idea, because they may not have the expertise to handle your issues.

The following article by Red Bamboo Medi discusses the importance of choosing a qualified medical spa.

The importance of choosing a qualified medical spa/cosmetic center

It seems that every other corner is sprouting something called a “medical spa/cosmetic center” this year.

For the barely informed, these are clinics that are a combination of medical clinic for aesthetic procedures and a spa for relaxation and skin care therapy. To put it more simply, they are centers where you can get a facial, massage and Botox treatment without leaving the building. Read more here

Final note

Knowing the differences between medical spa and day spa is very important and will help you determine the one that will be able to address your issues.

If you have a very serious skin condition and you want to address it for good, then you should visit a medical spa center. There are some important things you need to consider before going to a medical spa center.

Also, you have to ensure that you do some research to see if the medical spa center you have in mind will be able to address your needs.


Laser Treatment For Sun Damage

Laser Treatment For Sun Damage

Sun exposure through the years makes our skin susceptible to extreme skin damages. You can suffer from hyperpigmentation leading to irregular and uneven skin tone. Even scarring can happen due to excessive sun contact. After years of hard work, you might feel that your skin is paying a huge toll. Make yourself feel good and treat yourself to a laser treatment for pigmentation.

Skin experts suggest pigmentation laser treatment to remove the reluctant and dull stains that the harsh sun leaves on your skin.

What is sun damage?

The brown spots that you find on your skin, specially on your face and hands is the result of sun damage. Prolonged exposure to the sun during the summer months leaves your skin pigmented. Only one summer of skin exposure can add years to your skin�s appearance. These sun spots also known as age-spots are deep-seated on your skin. The harmful UV rays can penetrate layers of skin and cause long-lasting damage.

Why laser therapy?

The most important reason for considering laser therapy is the fact that it is non-invasive procedure. It also does not use any toxic material on skin that can cause allergy or further damage. It is also proven to be most effective. Laser treatment also has a fast recovery rate.

Type of treatment

After initial assessment of your skin, an expert will advise you on what is required for your skin the most. It can be a simple laser treatment or a Laser BB or Laser intense. Discuss your concern with the expert during evaluation for maximum benefit.

Benefits of laser treatment

Being a non-invasive procedure the best thing about laser treatment is you do not need unnecessary medication. Pain management after the procedure may or may not require any medication at all. You should have a faster recovery due to boost to immunity system of affected skin area. Chances of swelling are less as laser aids in lymphatic drainage. It also helps in blood circulation.


Though laser has minimal risk but some rare occurrences of the following have been noted.
� Swelling
� Redness, bleeding
� Scarring
� Infection

The result is absolutely breath taking. It may take a course f a few days to weeks for you to reach the optimum result. Make sure you follow the suggestions of the skin expert in post-operative care.
Even though with laser treatment you will have flawless lustrous supple skin, you should not forget to keep the sun away.

Great Halal Restaurants in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Aside from all the attractions and destinations to visit all over the place, another thing to look forward to is the restaurants they have. It is undeniable that the cuisine they have is incredibly good. What’s great about their restaurants is the diversity they have when it comes to cuisine. So if you are looking for Halal restaurants, you should have no worries because they have a good number of it.

If you are planning to bring your loved ones to a special place, yet making sure it is Halal, you should read the article by Halal Trip  which will introduce to us seven of Singapore’s most romantic Halal restaurants.

7 of Singapore’s Most Romantic Halal Restaurants

Trying to find romantic Halal restaurants in Singapore might be a bit of a task, since when you imagine a romantic restaurant, it comprises of wine and fine dining in candle light. Fear not though, as all hope is not lost. Romance is about the food as much as the company, so here is our guide to some delectable dining that you can share with your significant other:

1) Fika Swedish Café & Bistro

Fika Swedish Café is a popular eatery that offers Halal Swedish food. Muslim-owned and 100% Halal, it is a cozy restaurant that is perfect for a date, with delicious food on offer. Best known for their meatballs, their menu sports warm comforting food that you just want to share with your loved one! It is a fairly affordable romantic restaurant in Singapore. Read more here.

Great! Now that we have a list of some of the romantic Halal restaurants in Singapore, we won’t be hard up anymore in looking for one. In addition, there are also some Halal restaurants which have a different touch just like the Halal European restaurants. If we want to know more about these restaurants, let us read Vemala VS’s article below.

10 Trendy Halal European Restaurants in Singapore

If you are craving for European cuisine and on the lookout for halal food, you can explore these 10 trendy Halal European restaurants in Singapore.

1) Brio Restaurant

Brio serves trendy and casual Western food. Their cuisine ranges from Italian risotto and pizza to western grills, made using the freshest of ingredients. They serve breakfast, lunch, tea as well as dinner. There is something different to try at any time of the day.

2) Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro

This is perhaps the most famous and popular restaurant that serves authentic Swedish food. The Malay owner is married to a Swedish man and managed to whip up awesome dishes at this restaurant. If you happen to be here, don’t forget to try their Swedish meatballs and desserts. Read more here.

That was interesting. It is a two-in-one restaurant which serves something really delicious. Now, let us try to look at a restaurant named the Halia at Singapore Botanic Gardens which is now a certified Halal restaurant. Another restaurant to look forward to. Another cuisine to experience. Hazel will tell us all about it through her article below.

The Halia At Singapore Botanic Gardens Is Halal-Certified Restaurant Now!

Halia at Singapore Botanic Gardens is officially a Halal-certified restaurant as of June 2017. Although they have converted to halal restaurant, there are not many changes as a whole. The significant changes is that they no longer offering alcoholic drinks. Halia still serves modern European cuisine with Asian influences but made using ingredients that are sourced only from Halal-certified suppliers.

My last visit here was in year 2015.I am excited to be back with the newly rebrand restaurant. Chef Ciaran Armstrong who is the Executive Chef in Halia for over 7 years has introduced additions to the menu. Read more here.

With all the pieces of information that we read above, Singapore’s diversity when it comes to food and restaurants is proven. Furthermore, I could say that Halal restaurants could also make a mark in the food industry with all the delicious and mouth-watering food they offer. You can now go to Halal restaurants at any occasions like dates, meetings, and others. It is ensured that you can find one which can suit whatever atmosphere and type of food you want.



What do travelers expect in a luxury hotel?


The need for a break

A break from work is necessary or else we will go crazy. We all need a break from our busy schedule at some point in life. Without a break it is impossible to go on working. Such breaks are often utilized by going for a vacation with family and friends. Usually in such vacations people go out to their favorite destination and explore new tourist spots. There are numerous tourist spots across the globe. Tourism industry is a thriving industry in the world today. There are many allied industry like the hospitality industry that has come up to support and further enhance the tourism industry.

A tourist destination becomes popular not only because of its scenic beauty but also because of the hotels and accommodation facilities in that area and also its luxury rank rating like 4 star hotel in singapore . A tourist destination with a wide range of luxury hotels and budget hotels that cater to all kinds of tourists tend to do better that other tourist spots.

Nowadays the demand for luxurious living in hotels has increased and there are more and more luxury hotels that are coming up to cater to such demands. There is no fixed definition of a luxury hotel. In fact many three star or five star hotels pose themselves as luxury hotels.

Every time you travel you want an upscale experience in the hotel you opt for. The hotel must provide you with all the comfort and amenities that will help you forget your stress and relax for a few days and forget about all worldly tensions. There are many new terms that are now appended to hotels nowadaysluxury, boutique, three star, five star etc. But these labels are not enough to determine whether these hotels are worth going to. There are some distinctive features that make a hotel give you a luxurious experience.

Travelers experience

There are some unique experiences that travelers look for while staying in a luxury hotel:

A true luxurious living: luxury is one of the most overused words. Nowadays when travelers think of luxury they want to go back to that age old definition of the word which meant something rare and involved some emotional investment. Hotels that give you a personalized experience is indeed a luxury hotel.

Experience and not ownership: nowadays travelers look forward to having a good experience rather than filling up their handbags. Travelers want to make their travel experiences like a story that is worth telling and hotels play a major role in it.

Simplicity: destressing ourselves seems like a luxury in this busy world. With heavy words like artisanal, boutique, curated often the focus from destressing is removed. The main buzzword amongst travelers nowadays is simplicity. Travelers want a simplistic experiencethey want to look out of the window and feel overwhelmed by the scenic beauty outside.

Small is the new big: the smaller the luxury hotels the easier it is to manage it. Travelers nowadays want an experience that will help them to grow like a family, connecting with people. In a big hotel, you can feel pampered but not connected.

Room amenities: most travelers want some basic room amenities like a coffee machine where they can make their own coffee, a charging point where they can charge their phones, some toiletries, a bath robe and slippers.

Niche services: travelers nowadays look to have a unique experience. Hence they often look for niche services like a concierge who is knowledgeable about the destination and can provide proper guidance that can further enhance the travelling experience.

These are some qualities that travelers look for in a luxury hotel.

Pump Up The Volume With A Fun Wedding Band 

If you are someone, who cannot decide between a DJ or a live wedding band in Singapore, here is an easy way out – opt for the latter. The upside is that while you do spend a larger amount on the band, the effect of a good quality one does is the energy that they bring. A performer is usually appreciated more than mere music on the turntable. This improves the tone at the wedding right from the kids to the older folk. The infusion obviously occurs in short bursts and after the first dance, but once the band cranks things up a bit, based on the mood of the crowd, people head over to the dance floor.

A wedding band like Soundgrove definitely captures the mood of the people and the genre they prefer. The advantage here is that they take requests and play any kind of music. Music has a way to rev things up a notch but the arrangement has to be spot on especially on your wedding day. Wedding preparations start months before the big day and getting it right is always a must where careful planning and vigilance play a vital role. The objective is to make sure that things go off without a hitch. The general opinion is that party music is not always the right tone during the day. That being said, however, if the guests want a dose of something to liven up the mood, the band is definitely going to add to the revelry!

Soundgrove – the live wedding band in Singapore has a great reputation and will surely keep you and the guests in their element! Knowing that a good band is going to add to the celebrations will have more people attending. The idea is to make sure that the soft tones of romance and fun glide together without being too loud. The arrangement of music by the band is based on the need of the client. The couple or the wedding planner must work together with the band members so that favorite songs from both sides of the family are played. The website of the band throws open a number of ideas like the sole saxophone player who will thrill the audience with the soft strains of internationally renowned music. The choice is yours – choose the right fit for your big day. If you want to pump up the music and get the party started, the band will oblige.

A Singaporean in London

I have discovered a wonderful blog about A Singaporean in London and it has fascinating and exciting tales of London Town filled with a hint of Eastern Spice and flavour.

You will find all kinds of posts relating to business, tourism, food and finance. Whatever you need to know about what is going on in London you will find through a blog that is tastefully designed and written and which is most pleasing to the eye.

London seen through the Eyes of a Singaporean ex pat blends in well with the current cosmopolitan excitement that is building up in London so this blog is not only a dry blog about London but is also about the experiences of the Author through the interesting medium which we call blogging. You will find most unusual pictures along with a witty and charming commentary sprawled across the Cyber pages. Check out His latest posts to catch the authentic writings of a Singaporean enjoying the sights and sounds of London. Through his inviting blog he beckons you to taste the delights of London.

The Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony.

I must admit I cried watching the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony today and I wanted so much to tape it but our equpment wasn’t working. The great news is that there will be an official DVD and when that is on sale I will be able to purchase it as a souvenir.

My Fiance across the Pond also shed a tear. Well I expected that as he hasn’t been home for over fifteen years.

I would love to go with him to meet my future In Laws and the rest of the Family which would make not only my Beloved Happy but myself also. I twill take a lot of saving pennies to get there but that is our second plan once we can get married and live together. We have been trying for three years but I guess it will take a little longer.

Words are futile to describe the awesome ceremony. The Drummers made my hair stand on end. That powerful and mighty sound of the drumming Warriors will stay with me like my heart beats forever.

The Weblog Learner

One great blogger of a Friend has two blogs full of delightful and interesting posts. On Webbiestuffs he talks about his life online and the intriguing findings he discovers over the Net on his day to day traveling around Cyberspace. Offering a colourful review about life online that otherwise could sound quite drab to others, he brings to life the fun and frolics one can enjoy online doing funky things like earning money for instance. We all like a bit of that don’t we now?

Today he published a delicious pasta recipe on the Weblog Learner that had me salivating all day and so tomorrow that is what we are having..Weblog Pasta Special.

I really enjoy reading blogs that belong to talented people and this is definitely one of them. It has become one of my daily reads and also is kind with lots of entrecard special offers and competitions which are always fantastic to enter. You will never get a dull moment from
this Master Blogger so please take a moment out of your day to have a browse through his heart warming blogs and you won’t regret it. There is always a new idea brewing on Webbiestuffs dot com.